今年狗年,到处都出现“狗”吉祥物,不管是Shopping Mall、市集、品牌及店家,都将可爱的狗狗玩偶、大型狗吉祥物或狗狗印刷品摆设出来,但是这只“冲浪的狗”你注意到了吗?原来它还有这样的含义...

How do you experience a GOOD picnic? #SPiFFYPicnicSeries

When you went to a beach, or a green, nature place, you might wish there is a place to rest. Then, there is a cool drink, and some cookies, cakes, or some delicious salad…Life nowadays are so busy and so far away from nature.Don’t you wish for a break?But how to experience a GOOD picnic?