Know Your Feet Before Choosing Shoes

Why my shoes always hurt my feet? Why my shoe-heels always off from my feet?

Why is it so difficult to choose a suitable and beautiful shoes?

Everything are always okay before I officially wear my new shoes to go out><

hurt shoes



In fact, you may just doesn’t know how to choose a shoes that suitable for you feet!

Come, come~ Admin SPiFFY had sort out some tips to know your feet, before you choosing the right shoes!


1. Foot type: A or B


A-type foot, which is long and thin foot type, is suitable for wearing pointed shoes; B-type foot has wider foot, especially a wide ball foot. Wider foot are recommended wearing those shoes with wide front to avoid hurting feet or toes.


2. Instep


The height of the instep is actually a key point on choosing a sneakers. The one who have high instep often need one size bigger when choosing sneakers, otherwise the shoes might be too tight. The one who has low instep often feeling hard to wear flat shoes or doll shoes, because, even the shoes length is suitable for feet, they will still see the “emptiness” at the shoe. We recommended the things below to friends who have low insteps.

▶ Ball feet insoles ◀

With these insoles, girls will be no longer worrying about the emptiness when wearing doll shoes!

Moreover, the insole is no need to stick in the shoes. You can just simply put them into the shoe, and you’re ready to go! And they also work in heels!


3. Back Heel


Some people just don’t have a round back heel since they born. So, what is the impact on life?

Flat shoes and doll shoes lover may know.

Without a round back heel, you can’t catch your shoes all the time. The shoe heel keep dropping all the time!

Maybe we don’t know who invented this thing, but we all should thank him↓

▶ heel pad ◀

If you have the back heel problem, It’ll be much better to stick this pad on the heel!

girl know shoes

SPiFFY has been selling this for many years, and it always work on the customers who have the same problem with you!


4. Arch


The height of the arch is actually a serious matter. If you have a falling arch, you may not stand for long time; if your arch is too high, it may cause your legs become an O-leg. ↓


How do you know if your arch is too high or too low? Wet your feet and step on lime ground, or dark tiles, and compare with the above picture, you may find out some clues.

Once you find out that your arch maybe too high or too low, it’s better to find a doctor to find solutions.


And that’s all!

We really hope that everyone should know more about their own feet, so that you can choose the right shoes, and won’t hurt your feet anymore!

hurt cry

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