How to walk in heels? 7 Tips for Heels Learner|SPiFFYWithYou

Heels, some people love them so much, but some people just never dare to try. Or just haven’t try yet maybe.

Wearing heels, some of you may know, can improve your walking posture, makes you more charming and look more confident!


But, how to walk in heels if you’re a beginner?
Here are some tips.


1. Walk Heel to Toe

Walk from HEEL to TOE. Heel to Toe! Just like we walk normally.

heels to toe.gif


2. Small Steps

Makes your steps smaller, but faster. It’s safe for beginners, and helps to train your legs!

train legs


3. Imagine an Invisible Straight Line

This is always work. Walk on the invisible straight line, like you’re the model on Victoria’s Secrets Show, and no one can stop you.

no one can stop you


4. Stairs Tips

  • Upstairs: Use Ballfeet


ONLY using ballfeet to walk upstairs! So you can walk faster, and more safe in case your heels step on the air.


  • Downstairs: Use Entire Feet



Walking downstairs should be slower and more careful. Use entire feet to walk downstairs can make sure every steps are stable. You can walk sideways to make sure every steps are fully step on stairs.


5. Stand

When you standing and chatting with somebody, you may put the body pressure on one foot, then change to another foot. It is a good chance to make your one foot rest by turn. Oh! and don’t forget the posture of resting one foot can makes your feet look longer!

stand position


6. Sit

This was the Best Time to rest your both feet. But, if you’re sitting in public, makes your feet rest to both side, so can  make you more decorous, and also makes your feet looks longer:)



7. Practice Makes Perfect

Practice before you go to dating or party! The more you practice, the more you get familiar with heels, then you’ll soon get use to the feeling. The whole world will be your T-Stage then:)



If you still don’t get it, try to search fashion show on YouTube,and copy their walking posture.
Or, here’s a YouTuber video to suggest:


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