5 Reasons That You Need At Least a Thick Heel Shoes In Shoe Shelf|SPiFFYWithYou

Thick Heel Shoes goes viral again these year. Although thin heel shoes looks sexier, but at least a pair of Thick Heel shoes is totally a NEED in your shoe shelf. Why? Here are 5 reasons to convince.

SPiFFY Thick Heel Shoes.

1. Suitable for High Heels’ Beginners

heels beginners
Most ladies know how hard it starts. Wearing high heels needs a lot of practice. Beginners usually start with low heel shoes, but it still a big challenge if the heels are too thin. So, Thick Heel Shoes is a better choice. Choose a comfortable heel-heights, and take it easy to make a try.

2. Reduce The Stress of Feet

Wearing High Heel Shoes for whole day is totally a disaster. Too much of stress on footpad make us feel the pain and not good for health. Thick Heel Shoes is a savior. Wearing a Thick Heel Shoes is more comfortable than other high heels shoes. But never forget that the slope of a shoes and the insole are also the key of a comfortable shoes.

A comfortable design of SPiFFY shoes.

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3. More Steady

A Thick Heel Shoes makes you more stable and steady walk. Especially for City-walkers, Thick Heels makes you walk easily without losing your elegance. The only problem is: you may lose a chance to encounter a helpful man.
fall down help

4. It’s Versatile

No matter Formal or Casual Situation, thick heels always FIT IN. With a Simple and Good Taste Thick Heels Shoes, you can easily match with most of your clothes.

5. It’s Fashion

thick heels fashionNeed no other reasons! It’s Fashion, and we like it, it’s all that simple 😛

spiffy thck heels shoes
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