7 Things You SHOULD NEED in Your Car | 5th and 7th is totally a need!|SPiFFYWithYou

Do you know that Malaysia has the highest car ownership rate in ASEAN?

From the data of 2016, every 1000 Malaysians, has 400 car ownerships, and it still increasing year by year.

If you own a car too, you must be caring about what things that you SHOULD NEED in your car apart from general emergency tools. Here are some ideas from users.



  1. Umbrella

Inverted umbrella is super suitable for car-use

Malaysia’s unexpected weather has trained most of Malaysians to always keep an umbrella in car.

I bet you’ve seen the inverted umbrella in market. Due to the design, car users are the most benefited, and so it becomes the most popular product that you must have one in your car.


  1. Driving Recorder


A driving recorder has become more important nowadays. When someone met a car accident, a driving recorder can make the judgement of responsibility become easier.

Besides, it can also record down the beautiful landscape during your driving (double rainbow, UFO…?)

Some driving recorder has also designed as multi-function and simple look.

A driving recorder built in a Rear-View Mirror


  1. First Aid Kit


You know the importance of First Aid Kit.

And it can also come in handy when you meet emergency at outdoor.


  1. Phone stand for car


No matter it using glue hold or suck hold, a phone stand for car has become a necessary for a car user.

When you’re using a phone navigation, a phone stand makes you more concentrate on your driving.


  1. AUX Cable

Most of people don’t know the using of AUX Cable

Bored of radio top hits loops but didn’t built in Bluetooth in your car player?

Why don’t use an AUX cable!

An AUX cable allows any player device to play the music on another side of device.

It means, you can link your phone and play the music on your car speaker with AUX cable!


  1. USB car charger


Phone battery low become the biggest trouble for the people these days. Apart from Power Bank, USB car charger is really a big savior, especially for those who using phone for navigation.


  1. Sandals / Slippers

A pair of sandals is a MUST HAVE in a car

Girls will totally agree with this.

When your leg is sick of the heels after a long day walk, a pair of sandals in your car will totally save your feet.

In additional, if your shoes broke down or stuck in a heavy rain, a sandals which is waterproof, light-weight and comfortable can come in handy.

Here we introduce you—— SPiFFY EVA sandals.

pwp shoes

Light-weight, Waterproof, made by Flexible EVA with Non-slip sole.
And, it’s shape can almost fit any occasion, won’t make you looking too awkward in some random date,
totally a SHOULD NEED in your car.

Drop a message to us for more info / order

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