How to make a SELFIE-PERFECT Picnic? #SPiFFYPicnicSeries

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte, painted by Georges Seurat, 1884.

Picnic, is said evolved by the word” pique-nique” in French. Picnic was once a leisure activity for royal nobility in 18th Century, and was very detail-oriented. They wore pretty and suitable clothes, they prepared delicate food, and they made everything looking just PERFECT.

Picnic, is said evolved by the word” pique-nique” in French, Picture From Web.

Well, people nowadays also wish to make everything PERFECT as well, especially selfie on IG. So, why don’t we refer to the old days, and make a SELFIE-PERFECT Picnic?

How to make a SELFIE-PERFECT Picnic? Picture from Web.


Here are some little tips to make your picnic become Selfie-Perfect.

  • Things to Bring:

Elegant tableware, ice-cold fruit juice in a beautiful glass, delicate food (good to see and eat), beautiful basket, stylish mat, a sound equipment(Bluetooth speakers), a vase with some little flower, and don’t forget a tripod with your selfie accessories.


  • Things to Wear:

Flower Ring/gorgeous hat, light-weight clothes in nature colour, some beautiful little accessories, and an simple, easy shoes.

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When you all ready, then you can start taking a loooooot of beautiful selfie! Happy Picnic!


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