How do you experience a GOOD picnic? #SPiFFYPicnicSeries


When you went to a beach, or a green, nature place, you might wish there is a place to rest. Then, there is a cool drink, and some cookies, cakes, or some delicious salad…

That’s what you’re looking forward! A PICNIC! Life nowadays are so busy and so far away from nature. Don’t you wish for a break?

But how to experience a GOOD picnic?

3 tips:

  1. Check the weather,
  2. Prepare nice food,
  3. Bring necessary things.

01  Check the

Choose a holiday, prefer a place, and most important——make sure the weather is okay to go.

02  Prepare nice food and drinks


You might prepare those food you like, but remember——avoid soup, sauces food, and

perishable food. Oh, and don’t forget to bring a lot of drinking water.

03  Bring necessary things.

A water-proof picnic mat is a must. A picnic basket, sun screen, mosquito-repellent, and tissue.  Oh, and wet tissue are SUPER necessary.

Besides, some board game or volley ball can also make your trip feeling awesome.

Suitable wearing also a key point when you want to take photo for Instagram.


Warm colour, comfortable and easy to wear clothes, a pretty sunhat, a sunglasses, and a pair of simple wearing shoes, then everything is perfect.

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