Spiffy Men’s Trendy Light Weight Sport Casual Wear

Here we are introducing our latest Men’s trendy sport casual wear.

Check it out!


This design is designed by using the latest technology, the perfect sole.

This is a featherweight sportswear.

It’s weight is less than 300g for one side.

This design is suitable for most of the occasion due to it’s trendy design.

Shorts, jeans, skinny, chinos or suits. All OK!

The non-slip sole prevent you from fall down, reduce the tiredness from long distance travel. Not only the insole but the sole is soft too! Try it and you’ll love it.


Slip on, that’s it!

Well, open up and tied up the shoes lace is annoyed.

With the elastic textile inner, you can just slip on and set off! Leave those friends who busy with tie their shoelace behind. Laugh on them maybe?


No more sweating or sticky feel in the shoes! Worry nothing with the breathe textile upper.

But only except for those having “special case” with their foots……..


Big foot? No worry!

With the Korean fashion slim fit cutting,

it will makes your foot looks smaller!

Wait what?

Contact us now!


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