3+1 Life Tips you have to know about Drying Your Shoes|SPiFFYWithYou

Well, the weather is quite indecisive these day, and it looks like the rainy seasons is in Malaysia now… So, let’s talk about how to dry your shoes effectively 🙂

Tips 1: Stuffed with Newspaper

life tips no.1 – newspaper fill into shoes

The first time I knew about this tips was from animation “ShinChan” XDD. Japanese really know about life hacks, huh !

OK, some of you maybe feedback that you DON’T HAVE NEWSPAPER in this internet era… Fine, then you may try this:

Joy-kraft-font-b-paper-b-font-A4-B4-A3-document-font-b-bag-b-fontBrown Paper Bagfilepaperbag

Yup! You can try to get some old document paper bag or even just food paper bag to replace the newspaper, it work’s too!

If you really can’t find neither newspaper nor paper bag, then you just simply fill some crumpled tissue paper into shoes lah…


Tips 2: Bamboo Charcoal bag

life tips no.2-Bamboo Charcoal bag is a good thing.

You can simply find variety type of charcoal bag in grocery store and supermarket. The suggestion is, stuffed some newspaper or tissue paper in, and then put in the charcoal bag.

Oh! and don’t forget to place the shoes in the air-con room or well-ventilated place.


Tips 3: Shoes Dryer

life tips 3-shoes dryer

Well, when shoes drying become a series problem to mechanic, shoes dryer has born. Just kidding XDD

But seriously, if you often wash your shoes, shoes dryer can really give you a big help. There are a lot of brand and pattern in the store, you can choose whatever type you want.

The independent type:


The “chicken wings” type:


The “Playing Mahjong” type:


The “Family Dinner” type (XDD):



Btw, our stores are selling non of these types 😛 (Aduh~ We’re not machinery shop leh!)

And the last one, the extra life tips.


Tips Extra: WEAR SLIPPERS lah!!

Just wear slippers and change them when you arrived your destination lah!

That’s all 😛


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